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SNOM M900 IP DECT multicell solution

SNOM M900 IP DECT multicell solution



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  • Up to 4,000 base stations
  • Up to 16,000 handset
  • DECT and LAN synchronisation
  • No DECT manager required
  • Compatible to existing handsets
  • Over-the-air software updates for handsets
  • Repeater support
  • PoE and power adapter support
  • TLS encryption
  • DSP module support
  • Wallmountable
  • Local, XML and LDAP phone book support

Snom M900 DECT
With the new M900 base station, we are opening a new chapter in professional and modern multi-cell DECT technology.The new easy-to-use base station comes not only in a completely new design, but also with new, versatile functions. In addition to an integrated DECT manager, the M900 also offers DECT and LAN synchronization. The integrated DECT manager manages all base stations in one installation and ensures constant availability and seamless handover. This means that calls are seamlessly transferred between the individual base stations - even across floors or buildings. Security is a top priority in daily business communication. With the integrated TLS encryption, the M900 base station also sets absolute standards in terms of encryption.

Art.No.: VOSNOMM900

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